World Trade Investments Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get Started?

Our Website is automated, so there is no need to provide personal information outside what is demanded. Click on Register in the Home Page to Begin.

What Payment Processor do you accept?

You can make investment by Bank Transfer, BitCoin, Western Union, Credit Cards or Ethereum. Other payment processors coming soon.

Can I have more than one Account

Yes, all deposits are handled individually and you can have as many deposits as you wish. Minimum/maximum investment?The minimum investment amount is only $10 and the maximum amount of investment is $50,000. Minimum/maximum Withdrawal?The minimum withdrawal amount is only $10.

When will my first profit be paid out

The first profit will pay out within the following 24 hours after your investment is confirmed. After how many hours do I get paid after I withdraw? You get paid within 24 to 48hours directly to the wallet address you provided.

Will I earn on weekends or will there be payout on weekends?

No. Both accurals and payouts are not done on weekends. Accurals and payouts are only done on Working days. (Monday to Friday).

Am I limited to only one payment processor per account?

No, you are not limited to only one payment system.

Which exchanges do you trade with? :


What if you make loses?

We have a huge reserve of funds to cover up any losses. We do not risk more than 2% of invested funds. You will always receive your interests on time.

How do you generate such huge interest.

The cryptocurrency market is a rather fast moving one, price changes could occur in large percentages in a single trading period. We analyse various Cryptos, and take multiple trades. The combined profits are usually huge.

Is my deposit safe?

Yes, we are a registered business entity, our operations are governed by the financial laws of United States and Britain

When can I withdraw?

Withdrawals are allowed daily. Minimum of $5 and a total maximum of $1000 daily. Will my principal deposit be paid separately at the end of the investment period? Yes. Your Principal is returned along with your interest.